Le Lab® duo from Geneva has issued, over the latest years, several 12″ recorded essentially for clubs and distributed on both sides of the Atlantic.

From the beginning, Le Lab® has been influenced by electronic music masters such as Giorgio Moroder, Bobby Orlando and Patrick Cowley, then by house music pioneers like Larry Heard, Todd Terry, and Little Louie Vega.

By the release of the album « 103.5 », the duo expects to broaden its audience. The various sound experimentations have been integrated in shorter and more accessible tracks.

Le Lab®,  « 103.5 »

Le Lab track « Party » features on « Sonar 2005, the best electronic music », CD, Xmag, Prague

Le Lab® was compared to Kraftwerk, KLF and Yello by British journalist Paul Mathur (Oasis and Pete Waterman’s official biographer): «An extraordinary release. Hailing from Switzerland, Le Lab® show the inventiveness of their closest geographical peers, Yello, while investing their techno dance shapes with an energy all of their own. Spiritual allies of the likes of KLF and Kraftwerk, they sample everything from metronomes to airport announcements.» (Paul Mathur, Blitz)